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Pilgrimage/Retreat May 2014 Registration

Reserve your place..

You will be able to choose whether you are booking as a couple or with a friend, whether you would prefer ensuite or shared facilities, and whether you would like the opportunity of a single occupancy.

NB: We would like to have 12 participants in this pilgrimage/retreat and so will prefer guests who are booking as a couple, are booking with a friend, or are willing to share a room with another guest.

A deposit of £150 will be required to reserve a place with final payment of outstanding amounts required by 31st March, 2014.

  Sharing or Couple Single Occupancy
Ensuite £520 £740
Shared Facilities £450 £590

*single occupancy is limited

** Accommodation and transport is limited to the capacity of Woodlands. Therefore we request prospective participants to complete the booking form with the required information and we will respond shortly with accommodation availability and a link for payment of the deposit of £150. Booking with a friend or as a couple will require payment of £300 deposit for the total booking. Travel to and from Woodlands at the beginning and end of the event is not included.


What to do next?

If you are married why not ask your husband or wife if they would like to be part of this interesting event?

If you have a good friend (of the same gender of course) then why not decide to share a room together and be part of the week in Teignmouth and the South-West?

But if you are happy travelling on your own and are willing to make new friends, then consider registerring shortly as soon as we have costs finalised and indicate that you are willing to share with another guest (of the same gender of course).

If not, and if we have places then you can certainly apply to be considered for a single-room supplement.


Complete the Booking Request form

Please complete the form and if we still have availability for your requirements we will send a link allowing you to make payment for your reservation and guarantee your participation. Your reservation is not accepted until payment of the deposit has been made.

Accommodation Quantity
Companion Email
 If you wish to share with a particular person who will make a separate booking request please provide their email address and ensure that they complete this form at the same time as your own application.
Dietary Requirements

Pilgrimage Schedule

  • 26 MAY

    12:00 PM - 15:00 PM

    Location: Teignmouth

  • 30 MAY

    11:00 AM - 13:00 PM

    Location: Teignmouth


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