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About the Orthodox Faith

What is it all about?..

Did you know... that the Orthodox Faith is the oldest in the world, and is as old as Christianity. The British Orthodox Church is part of the ancient Orthodox Church of Alexandria which was established by the missionary efforts of St Mark in the first century and continues to proclaim the same Faith today.

Did you know...that the British Orthodox Church is a Bible based Church. We read the Scriptures over five times in our usual Sunday service and always have a sermon explaining what we have heard.

Did you know... that we enjoy and benefit from studying the writings of the early Christians together so that we can understand the Scriptures as they are meant to be read.

Did you know...that the Orthodox Faith is concerned with helping each person become the man or woman God created them to be in Christ.

Did you know... that the Orthodox Faith has a 2000 year old experience of teaching prayer and a transforming spirituality which every Christian can apply to their own spiritual lives.

Did you know... that the earliest Christians in the British Isles were all Orthodox, members of one great universal Church that united East and West, and so our mission in Stoke is restoring something that already belongs to us all.


More Information

You can find out more about the Orthodox Faith by attending an event or service organised by the Orthodox Midlands communities.

Or you are welcome to contact Father Peter Farrington and correspond with him. Find his email address on the Contact page.

Or you can visit some of these other websites produced by the British Orthodox Church.

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